Faeries in the Garden

a poem: by Melissa Bawa of Divani Chocolatier & Barista

I’ve heard them zwizzling in flight.
Having seen evidence
of their presence
after an evening of shenanigans,
following a full moon night,
they tease me by day.
As I sit and read,
by flower and weed,
those light flighted hooligans,
through the air play.
What games are in motion?
I wonder as I pause,
taken by the awes
that of which sense bargains
to be imagination.
Could they be not real?
For a moment I thought,
while my perception was caught.
Then I smiled and read again,
choosing to believe what I feel.

I wonder if any one knows that there are faeries living in Foxburg? At the risk of seeming utterly mad, I profess that I feel I have evidence. That or a vivid imagination. So vivid that it leaves evidence behind on its own behalf! Spend some time sitting in the silence of the the garden, cupped within those reaching pines, among the tumbling vines, and you too may experience what you believe to be faeries. Of course, they don’t inhibit themselves to the confines of the garden, they are all over. In fact, a few years back I saw them floating on a “long boat” down the Allegheny on a rather frosty April morning. The garden does, however, seem to be one of their favorite places to play games and hold faerie functions {like the one they had August 1 for the Sturgeon Moon}. I’ll be on the look out for more faerie fanfare in more remote locations, by and by!