Hear the Sounds of Folk Music Artist Garrett Heath at the Foxburg Pizza Shop

Garrett Heath

Garrett Heath, singer and song writer will be performing at The Foxburg Pizza Shop and country store on April 28 from 3:30-4:00pm as part of the Maple Syrup Festival. Garrett and his wife, Autumn are currently partnering with Orphan Network on behalf of orphanages in Nicaragua. The Alabaster Jar is a project that uses music and art to raise awareness and support for orphans in Nicaragua. All profits from their music and art goes to this very important cause. Garrett is a folk/indie /Christian Rock artist. Some of his songs include: How to die; Marching on; Rise up from your sleep; Sing your song and Isaiah 58.

Head on over to the Pizza Shop to listen to Garrett’s music and while you are there, grab some delicious food. When asked what I recommend over there, it is really difficult to answer because everything is so good. They have Pizza, (of course) subs, salads, breadsticks and more. In the name of everything maple, they will offer special maple flavored menu items also.