Easter Egg Hunt 2013 Update

A brisk spring morning greeted our egg hunters on the morning of March 23rd. The snow took a break from falling and the sun decided to shine, shedding an extra bit of warmth to the occasion. Several cheerful children arrived promptly at 11 am, ready to scour the Faerie Garden for hidden treasure! Children under five had a minute to get a start on the action before their quick and lively rivals broke loose and we had a nice, well rounded search. Every one got plenty of eggs and even the special silver and gold eggs were well distributed. Some lucky kids even found butterflies, colorful caterpillars, and frog princes along the way!

At the end of the hunt, some of our explorers cozied up in the chocolate shop for hot victory drinks, at which time we had the opportunity to chat with the father of three of our young hunters. He told us, “This was the best hunt we’ve come to!”, and we happily accepted the compliment.

So glad you all could come. Until next year everyone!

The crowd is gathering for the hunt!
Kids five and under getting a bit of a head start.
This young fella is getting a helping hand from his big brother
Looking high and low for hidden treasure!
Those baskets are filling up!
Race you to the top! First one there finds the best eggs!
It's a stretch, but she got it!
Time to count those eggs!
The Faerie Garden is a delight as the perfect space for an egg hunt!

Traipsing down the stone steps to sweep the perimeter, making sure nothing was missed over.
Spotted another egg!
Let's see how many we've got!
Dad helps his little girl pluck a butterfly from the boughs of the hedge.
Kids holding up their favorite found eggs. This was even before they looked inside and found the chocolate!