So Thankful for Chocolate!!

If you are anything like me, as I suspect you may be in this matter, you try to merge chocolate with everything in your life – and holidays which traditionally don’t focus on the inclusion of chocolate, are no exception.

That being said…. Thanksgiving. You know what I’m thinking? I’m super grateful for chocolate!

Not only has chocolate come a long way from its humble beginnings as a bean in a pod on a tree all alone in a jungle full of wild animals…

…*pause for dramatic effect*…
It now plays a very important role in the fate of the universe!

Save The EarthYes, without chocolate, the entire fabric of existence could unravel, flinging the globe helplessly into mindless, tasteless, oblivion! Or, so it seems on those really hard days when none is to be found, such as Thanksgiving.

Ok, so maybe the holiday energy is going to my head a bit here – but seriously, what good is a holiday traditionally focused on food, without our favorite treat???

So what’s a chocolatier to do? Why, come up with clever ways of sneaking chocolate on to the Thanksgiving Day table, of course!

Chocolate for Thanksgiving

So here it is folks, a perfect plan to bring Thanksgiving and chocolate together, forever. Simply follow the recipes below and you too can save the world!

New takes on old favorites:

The fancy stuff:

For the kids:

Of course you will need raw materials to create these delicious concoctions – here’s a suggestion to get you started: You may substitute our chocolate morsels for cocoa powder to add that divinely creamy dimension to your recipes.

We’d love to hear about your favorite Thanksgiving recipes (chocolate or otherwise) in the comments below!

Happy Thanksgiving!