Lincoln Hall Club Night

On the evening of the last day of July, Lincoln Hall held a new kind of event. Tables adorned in candlelight dressed in swaying skirts encircled a smooth surface laid out before center stage. Attendees, clad in fine attire fit for a spin on the dance floor, jauntily moved to the stunning sounds of vocalist/guitarist Betsy Lawrence and pianist John Burgh. It was an experience which extracted and merged the best qualities of that of a nineteen thirties night club with the wholesome environment of a community social.

Smiles on the faces of the club goers were lit up like stars in the night as they partook in the sheer joy of “cutting loose” and “letting it all hang out”. The bewitching melodies brought forth by the resonant voices of Betsy and her piano accompaniment charged the air with a magical sensation which made movement irresistible. They delighted the audience with a variety of tunes ranging from those of the days of old to that of the fresh and new.

There was a wonderful array of hors d’oeuvres provided by The Black Forest Restaurant and ruby red refreshments by Foxburg Wine Cellars available to be enjoyed. Tickets for this stellar event which began at 7pm and continued until sometime after 10pm, were only $15.

Much is the anticipation for more of this kind of event to take place in future days, so if you missed the first Club Night at Lincoln Hall, do not despair… there’s always next time.
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