Parking for the Festival

For a smooth experience, visitors are urged to follow the below map as a guideline for vehicle parking. You can click on different icons within the map for detailed information. You can also drag the map to view hidden areas.
Cars and Trailers: Please park either at the medical center or AC Valley School up on the hill. There will be dedicated shuttle service to bring you to downtown Foxburg and back throughout the day.
Motorcycles: There is limited parking available for motorcycles near the post office at Railroad Street and Rt 58 junction. Due to limited availability, you’re encouraged to park up the hill and use shuttle service for coming to the festival venue.
Handicap and Seniors: Parking for the handicap and seniors is next to the Fire Station.
Hotel Guests: Guests staying at the Foxburg Inn hotel will be parked on the grassy area on the Railroad Street. There will be signs posted and volunteers to help you find the spot during the festival.
Vendors and Employees: Food & Craft vendors should park here. Employees of Foxburg businesses should park here as well. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

View Foxburg Festival Parking in a larger map