Summer Reading at Foxburg Free Library

Opportunities for kids to have fun continue this summer at the Foxburg Free Library. In addition to having thousands of children’s and young adult books and dozens of movies on VCR or DVD available for free borrowing, kids are invited to attend two programs designed to promote reading and eliminate summertime boredom through fun and educational activities.
All children are invited to attend either or both programs; preregistration is not required, nor does one have to be a member of the Foxburg Free Library. Visitors to the area are invited to attend. The programs are conducted on Tuesday evenings and Friday mornings.
Through July, the Summer Reading program will take place at the library each Friday morning from 10am until 11:45. Each week a book or two will be read aloud — often with each listener participating through actions or with puppets. There is also a craft activity conducted each week. Projects so far this summer have included stringing necklaces, making paper bag puppets, and decorating patriotic magnets and pictures. Participants are kept busy playing various games; songs are identified and sung, and memory activities performed. A snack is also served.
Regular attendees of the Summer Reading Program are challenging each other to read a certain number of books; progress is visually tallied on the side of library bookcases with each reader’s personal cardboard cone topped by paper ice cream scoops labeled with each book read. (It’s a good thing the scoops are made of paper; based on the enormous quantity of scoops some achieving readers have acquired, it would be quite a melted mess on the floor had scoops of real ice cream been used!)
Each reader is encouraged to meet reading goals on a near-daily basis: to read aloud for at least ten minutes, to read silently for at least ten minutes, and to listen to someone read to him/her for at least ten minutes. As a reward, each week, several names are drawn, and those children get to choose a prize from the Treasure Chest of goodies.
The last meeting of the Friday Summer Reading Program will be July 31st.

Summer Reading Program
Summer Reading Program

If Friday mornings don’t fit into your busy summer schedule, on each Tuesday evening from 5 to 5:45 a similar Kids’ Hour program takes place at the library. Again, anyone is welcome to join us; we’ll listen to a book, participate in the craft and activities, and enjoy a snack.
The Tuesday Kids’ Hour program will continue through the summer and will continue in the fall.
The Foxburg Free Library is a strong promoter of literacy and encourages all children to discover the fun, entertainment, and educational values of reading. Designed to achieve these goals, and based on the smiles and laughter seen and heard during each meeting, it appears that the Foxburg Free Library’s programs are doing just that!