Fall In Foxburg

Fall in Foxburg
Fall in Foxburg
There is much anticipation in the air as the leaves have quietly started turning golden here in Foxburg, and much of Pennsylvania. This is the time when people flock to their favorite destinations to peruse the beauty that the season of Autumn offers. Here in the village of Foxburg, there is a lot of activity this time every year with people visiting not only for the fall foliage, but also for all the festivities that take place. It’s as if everyone is striving for one last bit of action before the days get short and chilly and nostalgia begins to set in with the excitement of the holidays!
[GoGadgetWeather title=’Weather Forecast for Foxburg, PA’ lat=’41.140427′ lon=’-79.679289′ layout=’large’][quote_right]Pennsylvania has a longer and more varied fall foliage season than any other state in the nation — or anywhere in the world.” ~ Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources[/quote_right]There are some tools that may be used to serve as guides of sorts, in advising where to start, giving a certain direction to this bustling time. One, of course, is the weather forecast that may be checked online that would help better prepare for an outing. Another more important tool, however, is something that PA DCNR came up with that would help folks make the most of this season by “following the fall” so to speak. PA DCNR (Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources) recently released a state map divided into zones with expected dates of best Fall colors!
Pennsylvania Fall Foliage - Expected Dates For Best Color By Zone
Expected Dates For Best Color By Zone
Whereas the above mentioned tools will give you enough information to plan your fall outing this season, here at Go Foxburg we decided to go an extra mile and offer you a glimpse of what to look forward to! If you like what you see below, don’t forget to share them with friends and family; they will thank you long after their visit to Foxburg, and may even bring you souvenirs!

Hope you all have a great fall, just don’t hurt yourself while you’re at it! 🙂