Holiday Traditions – Divani Style!

It’s that time of year again!

The time when we hustle and bustle to make everything just right for the holidays. We are starting our days early, before the sun makes its debut, working hard all day and into the night. We’re busy making Christmas boxes, holiday truffles, stocking stuffers, and gift baskets galore!

This time of year is exhausting as a small business! And yet also – so exhilarating! It is such a joy to think that the dedication and love we pour into our craft – our hand-crafted chocolates – will be shared in the homes of our customers – our friends.

In this small calm before the storm of holiday gifting, greetings, and – of course – gourmet delights – we wanted to pause for a moment to reflect on and share some of our small practices which have become tradition to us over the years.

Tis' the Season
Tis’ the Season

“Christmas Nuoveau”

Our Holly Jolly Christmas Tree
Our Holly Jolly Christmas Tree

Ever intrigued by various cultures, we recently decided to switch up our celebration style a bit. Just last year, we started celebrating 12 days of Yuletide and the 13th day of Christmas which, equals maximum glory of the season!

Historically, Yuletide was an indigenous midwinter festival celebrated by the Germanic peoples to mark the return of the Sun – as in the sunlight. In Old Norse poetry, the word “Yule” is often employed as a synonym for ‘feast’. Traditionally, Yule is celebrated with gatherings that often involve a meal, caroling, and gift giving.

So for us, each night beginning on the 13th of December, we give a gift and spend time together doing activities of the children’s choosing. Then, come Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we visit with our extended family and share food, laughter, and talk of the year gone by and plans for the year to come! It makes for a long, relaxing, and joyous season of holiday splendor – rather than an upheaval of holiday mayhem!

Inside our shop, a blend of playful tinsel, twinkling star lights, and strands of colored faux bulbs on silver strings make the atmosphere sparkle! This year, we even brought in and decorated a live Christmas tree which compliments the delightful aromas of coffee and chocolate! Everything is starting to feel so warm and cozy and we just can’t help but rejoice in the spirit! We are so grateful for family, for our work, and for all of you!

Gifting in a ‘chocolate’ shell!

Seems like we’ve got it all figured out, right? Well, in terms of holiday gift-giving – let us help you figure (at least part) of it out, and make it a relaxing and wonderful holiday!

We have reintroduced our Gourmet Belgian Fudge Truffles in a delectable assortment this season. Truffles are one our most beloved products. They make a fantastic holiday gift for almost anyone on your list – or maybe for yourself as a special indulgence! In fact, as one customer recently shared in the note below – they are so popular in his home that they have trouble keeping them from disappearing!

“I think this will make you guys do a little LOL.
After dinner, I made a little french press coffee and went to enjoy one of your cinnamon truffles. When I picked up the box, it felt too light. My heart sank a little. I opened it up to find 1 left. I guess one for 9 isn’t too bad. Haha! The house really loved them. Thank you for the chocolate artistry.” Scott G.

The Famous Disappearing Cinnamon Truffles
The Famous Disappearing Cinnamon Truffles

We have also crafted several gift arrangement options. We offer quite a few boxes, some large, some small; as well as items to stuff in gift baskets and stockings.

We’ve added sampler platters to the mix this year, creating chocolate arrangements suitable for “grazing” situations, such as buffet or dessert tables.

Click here to go directly to our gift-giving section and start checking items off your holiday list! And remember, we always love to hear how you are enjoying our products, so please feel free to drop us a line, like on facebook and, by all means, share the love!

Season’s Greetings, Merry Christmas, Happy Yule to All! Let the season of Light begin!