ARCA's 1st Scottish Festival

For just one day, on the 15th of August, 2009 Foxburg added a new dimension to it’s many facets – a celebration of Scotland. The sound of bagpipes filled the air as the strolling bagpipers marched about throughout the day. Men outfitted in their finest kilts roamed the grounds while sheepdogs rounded-up all of the roaming sheep. There was Scottish music, food and crafts at every turn, and even Scottish clans – the theme of the day was that of a land so rich in cultural heritage that it was teeming at the Riverstone Farm. Rightly so it was, due to the fact that the original benefactor of Foxburg, Joseph Mickle Fox, was responsible for bringing the game of golf to Foxburg after enjoying it in St. Andrews, Scotland. So many years after he enjoyed the Scottish countryside, the Scottish countryside came to Foxburg. It was a day like no other Foxburg had ever seen.More