Events for the Week of August 6 through 12

Foxburg Winery
Foxburg Wine Cellars

This week is sure to be an exciting time to be in Foxburg! On Wednesday, the Joint Chamber Mixer is being held.   Members of the Chambers of Commerce from Butler County, Armstrong County, Grove City Area, Clarion Area, Franklin Area, and Venango Area will be visiting Foxburg and drumming up some exciting energy in town.

For campers at the Gaslight Campground, this weekend’s theme is Snowball Fight! A mashed potato “snowball battle” will be a blast for everyone there. Just don’t get potatoes in the pool!

The Foxburg Wine Cellars host musical artists every weekend, and this one is no exception. On Saturday, Richard Eustice will be performing, and on Sunday, Max Schang will be stealing the spotlight. Stop in to listen to their live music and enjoy some great wine!

The Allegheny Grille offers specials all week long. Click here to learn more about the specials, as well as other events going on in Foxburg this week.