Yeany's Maple Creates a Sticky Situation in Foxburg

Maple Syrup
Yeany’s Maple is a family owned and operated maple producer located in downtown Marienville. In operation for 9 years now, they produce on average 1,000 gallons of syrup each year. Mr. Yeany tapped over 700 trees at the Riverstone Estate this year, and produced the syrup for the Maple Syrup Festival. Yeany’s will be providing all of the maple syrup and maple products for the festival this year. There will be a wide variety of maple confections to choose from including maple covered nuts, maple candies, maple cream, chocolate candy filled with maple cream, maple creamy(maple flavored soft serve), cotton candy and shaved ice. Don’t forget to pick up a bottle of locally tapped and produced syrup for on your pancakes or in your recipes.

Yeany and associates will also be giving various candy, cream and sugar making demonstrations throughout the day. See how maple sugar is made at the Allegheny Grille; watch them make maple cream at Divani Chocolate. Cool down with the ARCA members and watch how maple creamys are made, you will not be able to resist this frosty treat.